Review: A New York Minute by Ember Leigh


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Paige Alexander, successful host of A New York Minute, adores her job and will do anything to save the show that’s her brainchild. But when IBC, fronted by Josh Lambert, buys NYCBC, Paige’s show is cancelled, and her choices are unemployment or a non-starring role on a new show co-hosted by Jerk Lambert, a man who makes her hotter than hell in every way.

Having scaled the golden rungs of the corporate ladder, Josh doesn’t do relationships or complicated. Promised a multimillion dollar payday if he turns Wakin’ Up—the show that replaced Paige’s—into a hit, Josh kisses uncomplicated goodbye when she shows up. The woman fascinates and terrifies in equal measure, and he’s suddenly questioning the value of gold versus the value of her.

Forced together in an Hawaiian paradise, the steam just keeps rising—on set, in the sauna, and in the narrowing distance between them.

Review: A New York Minute is a fun, laugh/sob-out-loud romance that's guaranteed to keep you reading until you reach the last page. If you're wondering about the "laugh/sob" term, it's because you'll definitely be "sobbing" with Paige at some of the things she went through. Yet, Paige still soldiers on, and you have to admire her about that--that nothing seems to faze her in her determination to forge the best career for herself. With her manager's help, of course.

As an aside, one thing I don't understand is why the manager goes with her on location. I mean, doesn't he manage other people? Why does he hand-hold Paige, when he keeps on saying what an experienced anchorwoman/tv presenter she is?

Josh Lambert is pretty irritating initially, especially the way he thought about Paige when he went to their office to drop the bomb on them. I keep wanting Paige to show him up. However, he grew on me as the book progressed, but I do have to say that I delight a lot in how he tried to win Paige back. I love that she gave him no quarter.

Aside from the romance, there's a decent plot here all tied up in Josh's mysterious behavior. If you love enemies-to-lovers type of story, you definitely want to read this.

Rating: 4 stars


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