Excerpt: The Highwayman's Proposal by Vanessa Liebe

Why does Lady Godwin find it so hard
to obey her highwayman?
Book Cover
Vanessa Liebe
Series: The Blakeney Brother Adventures, Book 3
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance
Publisher: Blushing Books
Publication Date: April 12, 2017
Gabriel Blakeney is a man who protects those he loves at all costs. If that means becoming a highwayman to help support the community that raised him, then that’s what he’ll do. Risking his life each night, he robs from the rich to redistribute among the poor. He does it to survive. But what he’d really like is to find a woman of his own to protect and love. Despairing of ever finding her, things change one night when he meets Lady Caroline Godwin. Here is a lady who needs protecting all right—from herself.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. And Lady Godwin is desperate. Her father has lost a fortune at cards and is bed bound after a stroke. Somehow, she must raise the money within a month or lose her home. Worse, she may be forced to marry the despicable Lord Shard—her father’s creditor—to protect the family name and pay the debt. Frantic, Lady Caroline remembers being held up a few weeks ago. She makes the audacious decision to rob the handsome highwayman. But Caroline gets far more than she bargained for.
With card sharps, traitors, and the militia to worry about, Gabriel and Caroline find danger ever present. He is determined to keep her safe throughout, even if that means a trip over his knee.
Publisher’s note: This romance contains elements of discipline, and explicitly described sexual encounters.
The story is full of twists and turns, passion, punishments, theft, schemes, setting a trap, seeking revenge and gaining restitution.
- Kathy Heare Watts, Goodreads Reviewer
A heartwarming adventure. This book is a delightful, feel-good journey, with some mild discipline scenes and moderate love scenes. It is full of humor, danger and adventure, with well-developed characters and an interesting twist.
- Dyane, Amazon Reviewer


It had been a good haul. He wanted to see how good. However, he needed to leave the area first. He urged Samson into a canter, heading in the opposite direction to the coach he’d just robbed. After a few miles, he slowed, then took a path off into some woods. 

Gabe dismounted, secured Samson’s reins to a tree and sat down on a log nearby. He took the heavy pouch out of his pocket, feeling the satisfying weight of it in his hand. Whistling a tune under his breath, he opened the pouch, tipping the contents out into his hand. He looked closely at each item, completely absorbed in his task. 

“I’ll take those.” 

Gabe froze at the softly spoken words as well as the pistol he felt pressed against his back. He frowned. He was being held up by a woman? 

“Put them back in the pouch and hand it to me.” 

Yes. Definitely a woman. And there was something familiar about her voice. He needed to hear her speak some more, though, to be sure. So, he did as she asked, holding the pouch over his shoulder for her to take. “Here you are.” 

“Thank you.” The pouch was pulled out of his hand and Gabe heard the rustle of clothing as it must have been secreted away somewhere. The pistol remained pressed into his back, though.

 “May I know who is robbing me?” He wasn’t afraid. He was amused by the situation. 

“No. Now your pistol, please.” 

Gabe paused. Whoever she was, she had clearly watched him holding up the coach because she knew about the pouch and his pistol. She must have followed him. Smiling at the novelty of a robber being robbed, he took his pistol out of his cloak and held it up. It was taken from his hand and he heard more rustling. 

“Wait five minutes after I’ve gone before you move,” she told him. 

Ah. Gabe could place her voice now, despite the slight muffling effect of the scarf or whatever it was she must have over her mouth. An educated and well-spoken lady—his feisty lady from a few weeks ago—the one with the sweet lips. He couldn’t possibly let her leave him so soon. 

“Is that it?” he asked as he felt the pistol break contact with his back. 

There was a slight hesitation, before she responded. “What do you mean?”

Gabe smiled at the hint of puzzlement in her voice. Now he had her and he willed her to come around to the front of him. He wanted to know for certain that it was his lady with the paste jewels. “Don’t I get anything?” 

Another pause. “Is it traditional to give the victim something?” 

“I always do,” he lied.

Finally, the woman moved, coming around to face him, standing a few feet away. The pistol was aimed at him and Gabe couldn’t help being impressed that her hand wasn’t trembling as she held it. He also admired her eye mask, the silk covering her mouth, the dark hat, and cloak. As she moved, the cloak briefly swung open, revealing a trim form in dark breeches and a dark shirt. Quite an arousing sight. He smiled at her. “If you’re going to take up highway robbery, you need to do it properly, my lady.” 

Her next actions confirmed her identity beyond any doubt. She huffed with annoyance, pulled down the silk covering her mouth, showing her lush lips and snapped, “How did you know it was me?” 

“Because I’m an intelligent fellow.” 

“Stupid enough to let me follow you,” she scoffed. 

Gabe laughed at that, instead of being insulted. “There is that.” He had to give her that one. He never would have imagined a lady of genteel breeding capable of such boldness and cunning, to seek him out and take from him. But then his stepmother had been of genteel birth and look what a sly bitch she had been. Gabe immediately shook the dark thought away. His golden lady here was different, he was positive of that. 

“Well.” He sighed. “You’ve taken my earnings for the evening. It’s only fair you give me something in return.” 

She narrowed her eyes behind her mask at him. “Yes. You mentioned that before.” 

He nodded. “I did. It’s the rules of the road, you see, and if you are to continue down this path you ought to obey the highwayman’s code.”

“I didn’t see you give anything to those people in the coach,” she told him suspiciously. 

Gabe hid his surprise. So, he was right, the minx had been hiding somewhere watching. He waggled a finger at her. “How do you know I didn’t? You weren’t in the coach with me. I may have given away another kiss.” 

“Are so free with them, then?” She sounded cross. 

“As it happens, I’m not. No. I let the married couple in the coach keep their rings because they were in love. I gave them peace of mind.” 

His golden lady raised a brow. “And what did you give me? You let me keep my paste jewels, but you stole that kiss.” 

Gabe gave her a look full of heat, enjoying how she blushed in response. “I gave you a taste of passion, my lady. As well you know.” 

Up came her chin. “You most certainly did not!” Her face flushed, her anger rising to the surface. “And I shall not be giving you anything.” Her hand tightened on her pistol as she spoke. “I don’t trust you either. Lie face down on the ground.”

Gabe shook his head, amused by the fact she refused to admit she’d enjoyed their kiss as much as he. “I only wanted to know your name, sweet lady. Surely you could have given me that?” 

“I said. On the ground. I’m not falling for your roguish charm.”

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About Vanessa Liebe

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Vanessa Liebe is the author of fun, sexy erotic romance and erotica, both contemporary and historical. She mostly writes in the Fantasy and Paranormal categories as she likes a man with bite.
Vanessa is married with three children and resides in Hampshire, South East England. When not house training her children, reading or writing, she likes to sit in the garden with a glass of rose wine.
Official website: https://vanessaliebe.com/
Social media links: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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