I realize this should go in the sidebar or wherever, but I'd like to say something about myself first for you to get to know me.

I love books--absolutely love them. I wish I have more time to read...or maybe I should say, I wish I could spend my entire life just reading! Romance, erotic romance, lgbt (except for f/f maybe), fantasy--I love them all! Except for Science Fiction. I tried Isaac Asimov once, and my eyes just glazed over. Maybe some soft core sci fi would be fine, though.

Next, my next great love is hot chocolate. There's nothing like rich chocolate milk to start the day. The middle of the afternoon is also fine. Before sleep is also good. Heh. Not only that, but I love all kinds of chocolates! (except dark) And okay, shh, but I'm a budding writer, and my first romance has something to do with chocolates. So I want to learn all I can about the chocolate-making process.

Now what with my love for chocolates, it's easy for my skin to break out, right? Or is that just a myth? Well, I'm sure I will check it out! In any case, I'm also obsessed with skin care and cosmetics, so I'll also cover them here.

Hope to have good blogging times ahead!


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